Case Study

WyeWorks helped Flavorpill achieve an 18-fold increase in web page concurrent users and sharply reduce response times.

FlavorPill sought out a team with clear expertise with Rails and focus on agile methodologies. We teamed up not only to develop features and take over site maintenance, but also to promote an agile and efficient product development culture.

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  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
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  • Arts, Events, Music
  • Timeline
  • 2 years

FlavorPill is a social discovery engine and curated event marketplace that keeps you tapped into the cultural happenings around you. Through a potent mix of discovery, editorially and socially driven content, and intuitive user actions, FlavorPill keeps you up to date on the events you care about as well as what your friends are interested in doing.

They’re active in culturally-steeped cities like New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco with plans to expand to Chicago, Miami, Seattle, among others. FlavorPill is the creator of culture blog Flavorwire which is consumed by millions of monthly readers. The New York Times has written that their "seal of approval is considered the equivalent of a papal blessing.”

flavorpill case study

The solution

Our team of full-stack developers wielded their expertise in Scrum methodologies to craft and implement an agile process, giving structure and consistency to feature development. We cleaned up legacy code making the developing environment more maintainable. And used the latest technologies to improve performance issues with the app, achieving an 18-fold increase in FlavorPill’s web page concurrent user capacity while simultaneously sharply reducing response times. What’s more, we refined their mailer, and were steadfast in our efforts to help launch a new, polished responsive homepage.

"They’re smart, focused, and passionate about writing and maintaining great code, and are constantly striving to improve the way we work together. They say they’re Ruby and agile, and they are, delivering every week."
Mark Mangan
CPO & Co-Founder

The results

The tightly integrated process we put in place is one that FlavorPill can rely on for the long-term. The one week Scrum sprints provided a space for product managers, designers, and developers to openly communicate. Our code base improvements led to faster dev time and a major performance boost. All these results contributed to the fact that FlavorPill was able to double its user base in just a few months. Further, as lead developer, we teamed up with FlavorPill’s Chief Product Officer to evaluate potential hires, thereby helping FlavorPill form a robust product development team.

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