About Us


WyeWorks was founded with a clear idea in mind: make software that makes an impact and that we can be proud of, work with an amazing group of people that we can learn from each other and call friends, and have fun while we are at it.


We work together

We work together day to day to discover how to build our dream company, a place where we grow as people and professionals while generating a great impact on our clients’ path to success, and building relationships that we’ll keep for the rest of our lives.

inspire relationships
We put people and relationships first

To us, success is to inspire companies and individuals to build great software in a sustainable and joyful way, enabling businesses to flourish while people grow to become the better self. We focus on bringing value and developing people, rather than profits. This encourages us to keep investing in our team and our relationships, always thinking long-term.

cross team collaboration
We excel in transparency and cross-team collaboration

Cross-team collaboration is the backbone of our organization. We have a structure to support the least amount of processes possible, and flexible squads to tackle as many things as they are motivated to do. This requires a clear purpose and a high level of alignment, which we achieve through transparency.

passionate leaders
We're a team of passionate leaders

We are a team of expert developers and coaches committed to make working with WyeWorks a transformative experience for both our clients and our team, so enriching and fun that other companies are inspired by us, by the type of leadership we live and breathe, as well as by the value we deliver.

high quality software
We build software that serves our customers with the highest quality

We have worked for more than 10 years with startups in Silicon Valley and all over the US, from bootstrapped to VC funded providing high quality software and process consulting services and we have contributed to many Open Source projects such as Rails and Ember and actively supported the local and global tech events.

Our Values

We build more than software, we build value

We bring value to our clients beyond our technical skills. Our values, strongly rooted in respect, honesty, letting go of the ego, trusting each other, and striving to do the best and get better each day serve as the foundation to perform with full commitment and joy.

Our Story

All good things have a story... Here’s ours!

WyeWorks’ story emerges from our love for programming and our desire to take it to another level, more professional and more personal, strongly based on our intuition and what we thought was right at every turn.

Our mindset has been always the same: good people doing a great job and building strong relationships above all. While our mindset stays the same, everything else evolves and it’s our goal to adapt and we embrace every challenge that comes ahead.

  • 2008

    Santiago and Jose co-founded WyeWorks with a clear idea in mind: make software that makes an impact and that we can be proud of, work with an amazing group of people that we can learn from each other, and enjoy while we are at it, using Ruby on Rails as the primary focus.

  • 2010

    Santiago joins the Rails Core team, who manages releases, evaluates pull-requests and does a lot of the groundwork on major new features for the framework.

  • 2012

    After working with Wildfire for a couple of years, they got acquired by Google. WyeWorks was one of the few contractors that continued to work for Google for 2 more years.

  • 2014

    We introduced Ember.js to CrazyEgg (now one of the biggest Ember apps out there) and started to specialize in Javascript and to experiment more with other technologies.

  • 2016

    We were selected to be part of the www.ops-conf.com, a selection of 20 consultancy companies that share similar values and are committed to making a great impact in our industry.

  • 2018

    After 10 years in business and more than 30 large projects, we moved to our 4th office and we are now 27 minds building our dream company, leading change in organizations through software written with love and care.