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We are committed to make working at WyeWorks such a transformative experience and so enriching for the people that other companies are inspired by how we run our organization.

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our team

Our Team

Great teammates help run our organization

A great teammate will become a guardian of our values, has the potential to develop great skills, and furthermore, has the right attitude. We want a teammate that contributes to building the company not just limited to software projects.


Our organizational structure is heavily based on self-management

We strongly believe in self-organized teams. Natural and healthy leaderships emerge. Performance, creativity and joy peaks when intrinsic motivation, challenging peers and market demands are aligned to a common purpose.

That’s why we have a very simple structure mostly for administrative support functions, with no centralized HR, and management acting as coaches and mentors to remove obstacles, facilitate and keeping all the pieces together.

Our Benefits

We love to take care of our family

While there’s a lot we do as an organization for our mental and physical well-being, we also have some treats that contribute to our goal of making work feel enriching, energizing, and fun.

Flexibility & Autonomy
Set your own work schedule, work remotely and take time off to study.
Improve your language abilities with our english lessons tailored to your needs.
Study and experiment in our lab time and share with your teammates what you’ve learned!
Food & Snacks
Don’t worry about cooking the day before or hurrying out of work to find food, we got you covered!
Take the opportunity to travel to US to attend conferences or visit clients every year.
Enjoy our relaxation massages to free from stress and have time to re-energize.

Come build great things with us

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