Excellence with a personal touch

Software development is not just about programming; it is about having a vision, aligning great people, and leading them to perform with full commitment and joy. It is about human interaction.

Our Team

Our solutions are carefully crafted by a team of experts in software development

We are a team of expert web developers who build software using Ruby, Rust, Elixir, and Javascript, with vast experience in Agile methodologies and leadership coaching.

For more than 15 years we’ve been developing software for successful startups in Silicon Valley and New York while contributing to many Open Source projects in the Rails, Rust and Ember communities.

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expert tech stack

Tech Stack

Expert developers with a passion for clean code

We will expand your team bringing the expertise and leadership you need to further enable your company to grow with sustainable success using our preferred set of languages and tools.

  • Full Stack Development
    We work in all of the web development stack, backend and frontend, from databases, server-side programming, APIs, and javascript frameworks.
  • Ruby on Rails
    We love Ruby on Rails for its simplicity, productivity, and how it promotes best practices.
  • Elixir
    We are delighted with Elixir and the Phoenix framework, because it allows us to build more robust and scalable solutions while keeping most of the goodness of Ruby on Rails.
  • Rust
    We found a renewed passion on Rust, given its amazing performance and reliability, while allowing for high development productivity at the same time.

We're Passionate

Leading the way with cutting edge innovation

We love what we do and we are passionate about how we do it. We are constantly exploring and learning new technologies, especially those from communities that have a high standard of professionalism, which are also friendly and inclusive.

We devote equal effort to studying how to become better leaders so we can inspire others and bring positive change to organizations.

Recent Projects

We love producing results for our clients

For more than 10 years we have worked with successful startups, building relationships that go beyond software to become strong partnerships where we are equally responsible for success.


WyeWorks helped Crazy Egg with core features for scaling their business.

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WyeWorks developed the social media marketing application that allowed companies to monetize their engagements from a host of social platforms.

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Supreme Golf

WyeWorks helped Supreme Golf improve their engineering culture, to enhance quality and value delivery to their customers.

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