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WyeWorks came in to revamp Argos’ educational platform

Argos set out to build a next-generation platform for digital curricular experiences. WyeWorks joined the team to help accomplish that mission by augmenting their engineering capacity.

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In early 2021, Argos was born out of an open-source collaboration between groups in two very different universities to re-imagine the textbook for the digital age and return power to educators. The goal is to serve over a hundred thousand across hundreds of universities and schools and have 100 products covering the first two years of the college curriculum.

argos case study

The solution

We quickly started working alongside the existing team to improve their Elixir & LiveView codebase, taking care of a much needed housekeeping such as cleaning up technical debt, fixing a number of critical bugs and most importantly making it distributed so it could scale horizontally. All that effort set the stage to add key functionalities like Single Sign-on for institutions, a Payments module, and many more. In addition, we worked on a UI redesign to improve the overall user experience. We were also responsible of making the concept of Communities a reality. This allowed institutions that associate with Argos to handle access and rights over the different courses they provide, taking the experience of using the application to another level.

"WyeWorks has successfully produced quality deliverables, worked hard to improve the client's coding and code review practices. The team is clever, productive, and collaborative in the partnership. Their flexibility has made it possible to change direction based on conditions and shifts in stakeholder priorities."
Eric Hilfer

The results

With our help, Argos now enables educators to make changes that have real impact on student learning without having to jump through hoops to work around the technology.

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