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WyeWorks became the expert engineering team they could trust to move business forward.

Packlane provides a custom design lab for packaging as well as shipment services for e-commerce companies. They reached out to us with the urgent need of a new team of Elixir experts that was able to take complete care of their app and take it to the next level.

  • Services Used
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Process Consulting
  • Industry
  • E-Commerce & Shipping
  • Timeline
  • 1 year

Packlane provides a custom design lab and live preview enabling customers to create customized packaging for their businesses. Trusted by over 25.000 brands, they also released Shiplane as a way for small and midsize companies to save time, money, and headaches with intelligent software and shipping services design.

packlane case study

The solution

We kicked things off with our CTO directly jumping into the codebase to assess the situation and quickly fixing important user facing bugs. It was critical to gain as much knowledge of the application and how it was built fast, given that we had to dive into the legacy code and be able to respond with the high standards we aim to deliver.

We assembled a well balanced team to take ownership of Packlane (their core product) as well as a smaller team well versed in frontend development (React, Next.js and Apollo GraphQL was used in this case) dedicated to finish adding features and successfully launch Shiplane to users.

"The WyeWorks team worked to quickly understand our complex environment and started adding value almost immediately. They have been easy to work with, organized, and excellent at communicating with our team. I've found them to be knowledgeable in engineering, as expected, but they also know the importance of the business context of the systems, and have made a significant effort to build their understanding in that area. That understanding enables them to apply First Principles thinking in solving complex challenges to build a scalable foundation for growth."
Karen Goeller
Product Manager

The results

WyeWorks was expeditious in understanding the legacy code along with the business domain, which was crucial given we were the only engineering team Packlane could count on at the moment. We also managed to launch Shiplane, a shipping software that completes the service they provide to customers.

Communication and development process ran smoothly, giving stakeholders peace of mind and allowing business to gain traction again with their customers. They now have a solid team they can trust and rely on to enhance the product and achieve business goals.

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