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WyeWorks took the lead on the Quality development efforts

Code Climate provides meaningful and actionable engineering insights for +1000 organizations. We helped them by taking ownership of their Quality product, taking care of critical bugs reported by their customers, enhancing the product with new functionality as well as upgrading their codebase to the latest versions. All while maintaining high code quality standards.

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  • Less than one year

Code Climate was founded to help engineering teams drive continuous improvement across people, processes, and code. To solve this, they first built Quality, an automated code review tool that has helped over 100,000 individual developers worldwide save time and improve the maintainability of their codebases.

codeclimate case study

The solution

We joined their team in a moment where the capacity for the Quality product was scarce, given all their efforts were being directed towards launching and enhancing their new product Velocity.

We managed to form a team according to the project’s needs, both in terms of skillset and seniority. Then, in strong collaboration with their in-house team, we managed to get an understanding of the different complexities the business domain has and how it translates to the system. This collaboration increased over time as we were delivering value to end-users. Also, our ability to get ownership of the Quality product allowed them to focus on other aspects of the business.

We feel that we’ve built the foundation for a strong partnership that will hopefully last for years to come.

"Working with WyeWorks has been critical to grow the capacity of our team. The team ramped up quickly and they were very diligent on understanding the product and system by proactively asking questions to get as much context as possible. They were delivering impactful improvements to our product from week 1. The clear and prompt communication, and the high quality of their work makes the development process very smooth. Also, I appreciate how they're going the extra mile to ensure solutions meet customer expectations."
Alexandra Paredes
VP of Engineering

The results

We’ve managed to set everything up very quickly to start making contributions in the very first week. We tackled critical issues reported by paying customers, ensuring their high satisfaction with the product.

Once we started to get a proper understanding of the codebase, we took on the challenge of improving the application’s performance by applying different techniques. At the same time, we also managed to upgrade the technologies used by plugins and core systems, covering potential security breaches, and taking advantage of new capabilities, helping to increase the code quality even more.

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