Blog article

The purpose of this blog post is to share with you two short videos (around two minutes each) about how we facilitate the retrospective meeting in our engineering teams. We noticed several teams do their retrospective meetings religiously, but struggle to make them in an efficient manner and get a valuable outcome from them. This often results in a waste of time rather than an opportunity to improve. With these videos we aim to help teams conduct the retros in a way they can get actionable output that’ll help them be better at what they do. The first video explains its goal and the structure of the meeting. On the second one we’ll explain how you can facilitate a retrospective meeting to get this goal and structure within sixty minutes.

DISCLAIMER: This first edition of the videos are in Spanish, but we will update them to be in English shortly, for the moment you can turn on the auto-generated captions.

We hope you enjoy it!

Video 1) Sprint Retrospective - Overview
Video 2) Retrospective - Minute to Minute