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Our company was a pioneer in the use of Agile methods, especially Scrum and for the past 10 years, we have been practicing the principles behind the Agile Manifesto. We have always been convinced that it is the best way to add value to the customer and at the same time respect our own mindset. So we organized an internal training session to level out all WyeWorks employees’ knowledge of Agile/Scrum.

agile day

WyeWorks works for clients who are developing their businesses based on new ideas, which means they have a need to test, understand how things work, and then respond with changes or improvements based on the feedback given by the product’s different stakeholders. In other words, they must be capable of experimenting. In this context, using Scrum is an excellent option for expanding capacity for experimentation.

Our clients praise our engineering team’s capacity to self-organize, and they value that our people know how to give and receive feedback and work with commitment and focus to generate the results that the client expects. In short, our team lives by the values of Scrum, which is the result of devoting time and effort to understanding all that beyond the Scrum meetings and artifacts, such as the philosophy and application of the fundamental pillars; transparent inspection/adaptation in order to constantly improve.

The people who work at WyeWorks do so with a desire to come to work day after day, to learn, to grow, to develop in various ways, not just technically. That is why we invest in different areas designed to shape us into well-rounded professionals, in order to provide a service that makes us feel proud.

Specifically, during the full day of Agile/Scrum, we shared our knowledge in order to answer questions such as:

  • Why Agile? What is the paradigm shift proposed by Agile for managing a software project? How do we adapt to the uncertainty of requirements and how do we moderate it sprint to sprint?
  • How do we apply this paradigm shift using Scrum correctly across Scrum Team roles: Product Owner, Development Team, and Scrum Master?
  • What techniques must an engineer know to be able to collaborate with the Product Owner?

During the session, we also reflected on the different aspects of projects. Holding Scrum meetings is not enough to make good use of Scrum. At the same time, we made it clear that Scrum is not the aim, but rather the means of doing our work with the quality we expect.

Finally, I think companies should seek to adopt a process that guides them to achieve results and that allows them to put into practice that which they believe, their own values, their spirit, their passion. Without a process, it is difficult to seek excellence, since there are no reference points or, if there are any, they are certainly not organized in such a way that we improve day after day. Being better involves many things, but continuous improvement must be compatible with a sustainable work style over time. This is a necessary condition for people who work to be able to do so with more energy and motivation, permitting them to work with passion.