Blog article

WyeWorks is officially celebrating its 10 year anniversary.

When we founded the company in 2008, we had very specific goals in mind: do quality work that would make us proud, surround ourselves with talented people, and build a team that would enjoy working together.

We chose Ruby on Rails and felt right at home. The community made us feel welcome, no matter where we were from, irrespective of our background and technical skill level. It was the perfect environment in which to learn to become better developers and make friends. The community and framework made it easy to adopt good practices and make them one’s own. We chose SCRUM because we believed it would allow us to put our values into practice, constantly deliver value, and continually improve.

Many things have changed and evolved since then. Naturally, some colleagues followed other paths and even succeeded in building their own companies, something that fills us with pride today. New colleagues arrived and continued with the work of building out our company. We acquired a lot of experience and became quite competent in all areas of software development. As technology evolved and diversified, many new challenges arose.

Despite all the changes and continuous evolution, the fundamentals remain the same: do quality work and focus on building good relationships with talented people capable of forming an excellent team. One that will push forward in a unified manner and enjoy being together.

Hence, first off we would like to acknowledge our team and all the people along the way who have helped us build what WyeWorks is today and what it will continue to transition into in the future. It has been as much a pleasure to see the professional as well as the personal growth of everyone of us.

We’d also like to acknowledge our clients with whom we have built relationships based not only on good results from serious and professional work, but also on ever-important humanity which enables us to relate on a more personal level.

And to our partners for enriching and complementing us day after day so that we could provide better service.

Thank you for these last 10 years and let’s celebrate that which is yet to come!

José and Santiago