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This new weekly blog issue contains a list of interesting articles and news related to Ruby, Rails, JavaScript and web development related stuff in general that we found during the week.

If our readers find it interesting and useful, we will continue delivering them on a weekly basis. So please tell us your thoughts if you want us to keep making them!

OpenSSL Security Advisory [3 Dec 2015] - Updated [4 Dec 2015]
5 more security vulnerabilities in OpenSSL

Inside Ruby’s VM: The TMI Edition by Aaron Patterson

Ruby Tricks, Idiomatic Ruby, Refactorings and Best Practices

Rails Command Infrastructure
The infrastructure needed to support the migration of rake tasks to the rails command

First Party Cookies in Rack
Pull Request merged to Rack to add support for First Party Cookies

The Definitive Guide to Ruby Heap Dumps, Parts I and II

Building Cross Model Search with Ember, Rails, and Elasticsearch
Autocomplete search feature: Rails 5 (only API mode) + Elasticsearch integration (Ember integration will be on a follow up article)

Ruby Version Usage in Commercial Projects, 2015 Edition
An annual report on Ruby versions used for private projects on Semaphore.

Using vim/tmux for Ruby on Rails

Linux Performance Analysis in 60s (video)
Look at Netflix’s Linux Performance Analysis in 60s, shows the commands used in the first 60 seconds

Flexbox Froggy
Learn or exercise your flexbox knowledge playing a little game.

CSS font-display property is now available in Chrome Canary!

5 Essential Ember 2.0 Concepts You Must Understand

Google promotes Chrome 47 to the stable channel

Microsoft Edge’s JavaScript engine to go open-source

Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool

Should You Use Zero-Point Estimates on Your Product Backlog?
Zero-point stories are not something we recommend you use a lot of. But, used judiciously, they can still have their place on a product backlog.