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I’m leaving here a curated compilation of interesting links where you will find information that is not very well known. There are pull requests, issues, commits, examples, posts, videos and more about Rails 4.

I’m also giving a shout out asking for improvements to this compilation. If you find something is missing or you have suggestions to make let me know by commenting in this post.

The Rails Guides are not always enough. When you don’t find something in the guides or docs, you probably search for information on the internet or a blog post about the specific subject. But wouldn’t it be better if you had all the related information together? This could also be a great starting point for a new Rails guide.

So, I encourage everyone to help compiling more material about each new section of Rails 4 and then, by looking at all this compilation, start guides about specific topics. You can do that by directly pushing to docrails, which has public access for everyone to push documentation changes only.

Rails 4 MindNode



Active Support

Action Mailer

Active Model

Action Pack

Active Record



Please send me more information about Rails 4 if you find that I’m missing something in this post.

P.D.: Thanks to Nikolay Petrachkov who gave me a starting point for building this list and to Guillermo Iguaran who contributed reviewing and sharing some links too.