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Hiring is tough, we all know that. The process is rather tedious, it’s hard to get good people to join your team, and competition for developers is as fierce as it can be (or even more!). That’s why many companies opt for hiring a software agency, where they can easily tap into a large pool of engineers and grow the team faster. I’d say that alone is a great benefit, but there’s a number of other factors brought into the table that are worth a closer look.

You get an out of the box team

When hiring a team from WyeWorks, you get a functional team from day one. A team can be considered as a living organism that requires time in order to find its rhythm and perform at its highest level. It requires time and effort. Building a team is not just putting people together in the same room and expect them to do the rest: there’s a lot to consider in order to make the personalities and different skills set complement each other in such a way to get the best out of it. We take this matter very seriously and work hard to create an environment where everyone can thrive and perform at the highest level by making the best use of their strengths.

But even after finding a group of people with the right mix of personal and professional skills, there’s a lot of work required for them to operate as one, where they can communicate, cooperate and innovate in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Take for example a group of talented musicians. It takes years of practice together for them to know each other so well that they know what the other members are about to do and when to jump in, hopefully allowing them to produce a beautiful outcome to our ears and become a successful band down the road. Tuckman described it well in his model of group development, where he states that a group of individuals inevitably need to go through a number of phases in order to deliver results.

After all this years in business we have the knowledge and passion to do that for your company. We not only have a team of talented people, but a team that already has the tools to collaborate seamlessly and achieve extraordinary results together.

You get a service, on top of the already performing team

So by now you know you can count on getting a team as described above when starting a relationship with us. The thing is, you’ll be actually getting a lot more than that. In addition, we surround our teams with a support system, a solid structure of roles and practices, that are there to assist them and to ensure our clients get the best experience possible when working with them.

Every WyeWorks’ team has for example a Scrum Master at their disposal, making sure the process followed is optimal for the context they’re in, and that the team adapts when context changes. In a similar fashion, there’s a Team Leader in collaboration with our CTO stying on top of engineering practices looking to achieve a more efficient workflow. Our clients will also have a Customer Experience representative, adding another tier of communication to better understand the needs and pains we were brought to solve, and make sure we deliver according to those expectations. This open feedback channel has a proven record of just taking the relationship to another level. In addition, you don’t need to worry about managing people or retention, having regular 1-1s, figuring out HR policies or paperwork. We take care of all that, so you have more time to focus on your business.

How our past clients have experienced it

Luckily we get to partner with some wonderful clients who understand and appreciate the value they receive, and respond with heartwarming quotes like this:

> "Contracting with their team has proven to be an excellent decision for us."
  - The American Institute of Architects -
> "WyeWorks excels in the areas that many other companies lack: communication and planning.
  We get all the benefits of outsourcing without any of the drawbacks."
  - CrazyEgg -
> "I was looking for a solid engineering team to build the foundations of Prisma, and
  WyeWorks was the perfect fit."
  - Prisma -

You can dive deeper or discover more amazing stories in our case studies page.

Hope after reading this article you now realize you are getting a lot more value out of your money when hiring a team from WyeWorks. If that’s the case and you happen to be looking for such services, do get in touch with us to explore how we can help you grow your business!