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It’s hard to let go of the way we do things. To embrace said change with arms wide open, even harder. Regardless of our job title or the type of work we perform, whenever we’re asked to do something in a different way than we’re used to, we’ll experience some degree of emotional pain.

Working on overcoming this pain takes on special relevance in this day and age, due to the fact that an adaptive mindset is now a necessary trait, which results from the speed with which the world we live in evolves and moves forward.

Why is adaptation so difficult?

Depending on life experiences, our values, and the contexts we are involved in, our perception of reality and how things should and ought to be done will differ from those around us. This doesn’t mean that our perception is right and theirs is wrong. It means they’re simply different points of view.

These behaviors and ways of seeing things slowly hardwire into our essence, until they reach a point in which we put them in motion automatically, no effort required. Doing things differently on the other hand, goes against this.

Embracing change means getting way out of our comfort zone. Getting out of our comfort zone implies effort. Implies investing energy to understand the new reality. Implies taking a risk.

Is it worth the effort?

I strongly believe that taking that risk will allow us generate new learnings. Will allow us to discover. Will allow us to grow.

I’m not saying that all risks are worth taking. That all change should be welcomed. What I’m trying to say is that we should see incoming change with a different set of eyes: the eyes of opportunity.

Next time you foresee an incoming change opportunity, I encourage you to shift your perspective and stance against it. Make an effort to welcome it. After all, it could be your chance to make a difference.