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In the last day of the RailsConf 2010 Santiago and I got the pleasure to hang out a few hours with Fabio Akita, a very successful guy in the Ruby and Rails community, but yet so humble and open as many of the great people we met in these past days.

Fabio is well known as a great evangelist of this movement, as a great speaker, for his bundle of plugins for the vim editor but also for carrying interviews with important people of the community on every conference he attends. The thing is that personally I never got to see him as the subject of the interview, and he is a wise guy that has a lot to say. So even though he was very tired, he accepted to do this improvised short interview with me, almost the first time I was holding a camera.

This is the first of a small series of interviews that will be posted soon.

I hope you all enjoy it and share his thoughts on what are the good things that makes this community so special, so that we never loose that spirit.

Thanks Fabio!